It is September 9, and the BIG RED football season and the upcoming fall season is upon us.

In reflecting back on the first 3 quarters of 2015, we must say that the new construction market surely is still holding strong.   We have seen that floor plans are becoming smaller thus the need for more open space.  Ranch buyers now more and more consist of younger families with younger children, as opposed to the younger families traditionally buying 2 story homes.

We also see that the 1.5 story plans are making a big comeback – as is another reason that our next model will be a 1.5 story.   We expect to be the leader and the “go to builder” as far as 1.5 story floor plans – like we have been for ranch plans for the last 8+ years.


The next big phases for new construction and land development seem mainly geared toward south-east and south-west, primarily Sarpy County.   As any new construction potential buyer will see, the lot prices are also priced a touch higher than previous years, and this has to do with “specials” and overall cost of building new developments going up.  This trend is here to stay.


Higher development cost do make sense as most of north-west Omaha developments have all been filled in – and many sub divisions even completed.  Some of those lot prices stayed lower priced as some of those lots and developments were just opened up when the recession hit in 2008.  A sign of the past J – yet the future looks bright!!


It appears that the market will remain strong for the near future, and historically every election year has generally been strong- which make us look for a bright 2016 as well.


Thank you for reading, and we will be in touch soon.